Who Ever Heard of Shedding Fat, Gaining Muscle and Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life Without Ever Stepping Foot in a Gym?

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FREE 7 videos reveal how Pam Roland lost 100 pounds and 46 inches without ever stepping foot in a gym or any exercise equipment

Her Secret…

Here’s what it’s NOT….

  • It’s not an extreme crash diet that severely deprives you of the proper caloric intake and leaves you starving
  • It’s not the impossible-to-follow low-carb diet that deprives your body of vital energy and leaves you feeling completely sunk
  • It’s not endless trips to the gym wandering aimlessly from machine to machine without any direction and the insecurity that other people are staring you down
  • It’s not wasted at-home gym equipment with a hundred moving pieces that finds its way under the bed or in a storage closet
  • It’s not a useless book or ebook with scientific jargon and needless details

Her secret is to….

Wake Up With Wendie Pett

In these 7 FREE videos I’m going to show you how you can lose weight fast and FINALLY get in the best shape of your life.

“I have lost 15 pounds and
15 inches so far”
Julie Rosenberg

In this amazing 7-Video journey, you’ll learn to…

  • Create an approach to losing weight that fits your individual lifestyle, and without being a slave to the gym or the latest fad diet
  • Set realistic, achievable goals and accurately measure your results through proper body measurements so you can get instant feedback on what’s working.
  • Build and shop for a practical weekly meal plan so you’re buying and eating the right foods at the right times
  • Build the muscle of self control so you know what to eat when you’re at your favorite restaurant
  • Motivate yourself and stay committed when that little voice inside your head says “not today” with a full accountability system to keep you on track
  • Show you how little, micro-workouts can be more effective and less time consuming

But don’t just take my word on it…

Here’s what others who have gone through my programs have discovered on their own…

“I have not been to a gym and I have gained more definition and tone in my muscles without lifting any weights!”
Mike Brook

“I’ve lost 22 pounds, 14 inches and 7.2% body fat using Wendie’s Visibly Fit™ techniques”
Susan Zimmerman

“In 2 months I had lost 25 lbs and 12 inches”
Janet Dalen

“I have lost 22 pounds since I first began Wendie’s Visibly Fit™ exercises”
Debra Bland

“My cholesterol 
has dropped significantly (by more than 40 points). I lost more than 3 inches in the waist in a few short weeks.”
Ravi Kumar

“In two months and only 5 sessions with you I lost 10 noticeable inches”
Nicole Patterson

“In 3 months, I lost 12 lbs, an inch in my biceps and 3 inches in my waist”
Victoria Rigby

In this FREE 7 Video series I’m going to reveal the simple fitness and lifestyle secrets that my clients have been using for years to finally achieve the results they want.

For years I’ve trained professional athletes, chained-to-their desk-professionals, and back-to-work Moms. And now I’m making everything available to you through a simple, easy to follow series of videos.

If you make the commitment to follow what I’m going to share with you, you will…

  • Lose weight faster than any other program you’ve tried before
  • Lose inches in your “trouble-zone” areas
  • Dramatically increase your energy level
  • Build muscle while shedding fat and
  • Discover a strong, healthy balance of mind and spirit

When you sign up TODAY for my 7 Video series Wake Up with Wendie Pett I’ll send you my free electronic Meal Plan Builder so you can schedule and print out a unique and customized 5-day meal plan with the click of your mouse.

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Start today and get ready to get in the best shape of your life!

Here’s to you becoming Visibly Fit™…mind, body and spirit.